About Forum of Regulators (FOR)

Legal Provisions/Mandate

The Forum of Regulators (FOR) was constituted vide Notification dated 16th February, 2005 in pursuance of the provision under section 166(2) of the Electricity Act, 2003. The Forum consists of Chairperson of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) and Chairpersons of State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERCs). The Chairperson of CERC is the Chairperson of the Forum.

Constitution of the Forum
  1. The Forum shall consist of the Chairperson of the Central Commission and Chairpersons of the State Commissions. The Chairperson of the Central Commission shall be the Chairperson of the Forum of Regulators.
  2. The Secretary to the Central Commission shall be the ex-officio Secretary to the Forum.
  3. Secretarial assistance to the Forum shall be provided by the Central Commission.
  4. The headquarter of the Forum will be located at New Delhi.

Functions of the Forum

The Forum shall discharge the following functions, namely:

  1. Analysis of the tariff orders and other orders of Central Commission and State Commissions and compilation of data arising out of the said orders, highlighting, especially the efficiency improvements of the utilities;
  2. Harmonization of regulation in power sector;
  3. Laying of standards of performance of licensees as required under the Act.
  4. Sharing of information among the members of the Forum on various issues of common interest and also of common approach.
  5. Undertaking research work in-house or through outsourcing on issues relevant to power sector regulation;
  6. Evolving measures for protection of interest of consumers and promotion of efficiency, economy and competition in power sector; and
  7. Such other functions as the Central Government may assign to it, from time to time.
Finances of the Forum
  1. The Central Commission may take necessary financial contributions from the State. Commissions for carrying out the activities of the Forum.
  2. The Central Commission will keep separate accounts for the activities of the Forum.
Meetings of the Forum
  1. The Forum shall meet at least twice in a year.
  2. The Forum will frame its own rules of business for the conduct of its meetings.
Annual Report
  1. The Forum shall meet at least twice in a year.
  2. The Forum of Regulators shall prepare every year, an annual report, giving a summary of its activities during the previous financial year and copies of the report shall be forwarded to the Central Government.