Technical Committee for Implementation of Framework on Renewables at the State Level was formed under the chairmanship of Member CERC, Shri A.S.Bakshi, and comprising Technical Members of State Commissions of renewable rich States viz. Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. The Technical Committee was mandated to evolve a roadmap for implementation and ensure timely action on the following

  1. Deployment and implementation of Framework on Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement of Wind & Solar generating stations at the State leve.

  2. Introduction/implementation of Availability Based Tariff (ABT) framework at the State level as mandated in the National Electricity Policy and Tariff Policy.

  3. Introduction of Ancillary Services and Reserves at the State level.

  4. IImplementation of Automatic Generation Control (AGC) and primary control within States.

  5. Provide periodic reports to the FOR.

At the 61st meeting of FOR held on 22nd September, 2017, it was decided that this Committee will be designated as FOR Standing Technical Committee, so that the Committee could continue to remain in place on permanent basis and assist the FOR on technical matters

Subsequent to the formation of the Committee, Telangana has been inducted as a Member, given the large RE potential in the State. Additionally, due to evinced interest, West Bengal and Kerala have become permanent special invitees to the meetings